Monday, November 24, 2008

Landscapes and Lifestyles

The links to future architectural designs, personal goods and software were quite entertaining. I was most impressed with the ultramodern community buildings and residential concepts that were rendered. One the one hand it brings about a feeling of optimism in what humanity may do to respond to the global changes in energy needs and climate. On the other, it is disturbing to consider that humanity will respond to such devastating events as the oceans rising by simply building floating cities. Of course, the pessimist in me is skeptical that such cities will support all of the citizens of the world who are displaced by natural disasters. Something tells me that only a privileged few will get to occupy these spaces.

As I dwell further into my fantasy about the perimeters and borders of these futuristic dwellings, I envision a really hungry, really desperate population of people that really would not have much to lose trying get what the elite have. I see the technology being an awesome asset to the lifestyles of the rich and famous and being used as deadly deterrents to unwanted people. In short, I am cynical to say the least. I want to be an optimist but have yet to develop that kind of faith in the intentions of my fellow man. There is hope. I am not giving up. I just have my fears.

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