Monday, November 17, 2008

It's No Game

The use of simulations and games just logically fits into what learning is about. By practicing in unreal or staged situations an individual or group can repeatedly work on perfection of skill sets and understanding. The use of technology combined with gaming and simulation in the classroom setting has wonderful potential. The use of a medium that is preferred by millions of young learners should not be overlooked. There is nothing wrong with the term edutainment. There is nothing wrong with education being entertaining. If a lesson can be packaged into an exciting and gratifying multimedia experience then we are using technology appropriately.

As the realism of computer interfaces advances then maybe the spatial-visual experience will indeed add to the measurement of IQs worldwide. The realistic nature of what simulations portray would seem to better prepare humans to interact in the real world. The real world is becoming more interfaced with the multimodal environments of technology so it's a win-win situation. There are undoubtedly drawbacks however. There is no opportunity in real life to start a new game if things don't go well. Combat sometimes results in real death. Reality can not always be imitated.

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