Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mass Quantities

The Horizon Reports are like my backup drives; great examples of history that provide flashbacks of back when when I was awestruck by whatever was happening at that time. And like the Time Capsule program on my new Mac operating system, full of data that I find necessary to keep, if for nothing else, than to compare with what's going on today. That's the beauty of the Horizon Reports. The efforts and progress towards guiding future events is amazing. Some things are ahead of schedule and some have shifted direction entirely. Just when I get my hopes for something, everything changes. Maybe I’m nostalgic, but I would never have foreseen the coming of text messaging as a favored form of communication. If, however, I rewind to when I was an adolescent, it becomes easy to imagine the excitement of “passing notes” between friends, across time and space. I’m still stuck on “future” visions of space station rotating to create artificial gravity. I was heartbroken to learn that NASA does not favor that concept presently.

The video we viewed during class on the Yugma site was interesting also. I still have not found a clean copy or access to it. The idea that folders are not the optimal means for organizing files still confounds me. This has been a way of life on my PCs for as long as I can remember. In my transition to Mac, I’ve found myself creating more and more folders to help me organize. Unfortunately, the more folders I create, the more I lose information. I have not come to accept that this operating system (the Mac) does not want me to interfere so much. I fear it is too late for me sometimes. I keep doing what I’ve done despite the confusion it creates.

Another problem I’m having with all the digital playthings and tools being offered is that now my toolbox is too full. How many different online forms of communication do I need? Which will I actually use and check with any frequency? The time consumed just surfing through cyberspace to view the sites that I alone have created is massive. Mass quantities of things and mass quantities places to put them take a lot of time to keep in order and keep track of. I know it’s all about just becoming familiar with the digital environment and trying to become “literate”… so I need to relax and just go for the ride

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